IMPORTANT NOTE TO REMEMBER: Time flies, but memories last forever. This shoot will be in your family for generations to come. Please do not be in a hurry. Allot three (3) hours solely for the session and be in the moment. For us to best capture your little one's story, we need you to be in the present moment at all times.

1. Book your session ahead.
We know parents are tired the first two weeks and calling a photographer is the last thing on their minds. We are all too familiar with this feeling and we will be there to assist you with your needs. Please don't worry about our photographers. You are not hosting us; we are there to capture your stories.

"Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers; the next day you're gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul."

The Wonder Years

Having a baby is one of the most magical moments in a parent's life.

The experience can practically turn your world upside down. The moment you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you wonder how such a small thing can fill so much space in your heart. The emotions stir within you, and you are amazed at how you are able to bring a wonderful, beautiful being into this world.

We get it. We know how it feels – having a newborn, wanting to capture every moment you have with him or her.

Being with a newborn is like watching television 24/7. You will never be bored. You are constantly surprised. So many new things can happen each day, and every little detail counts. In fact, the little details are the ones you would want to look back on when your little one is all grown up.

You want to soak up on your baby's newness – those tiny, curled hands and feet. You breathe in that new baby smell. You take in your baby's soft and delicate skin.

You just want to take it all in, because those tiny details that capture your heart the most can disappear in an instant.

Here are the FIRST YEAR MILESTONES you would want to capture:

First Session

7-14 Days Newborn Story

A great way to start!
Your baby's first session.

This is the best time to begin capturing your baby's story!

During this stage, we capture the true essence of your newborn's life. Here, we consider with great detail every feature of your baby – how little she is that she could practically fit in your two palms, how her skin looks and feels while it's shedding, the bulge of her belly button disappearing as it's falling off. This stage is best described as those peaceful moments when your baby's life centers on feeding, sleeping, growing.

Some of the beautiful stories we've captured tell:

  • A mother's struggle, as well as her insurmountable joy breastfeeding her newborn
  • A first time dad successfully changing his baby's nappies, and the happiness in his eyes as he holds his baby
  • The simple pleasure of a mom cheerily burping her newborn, and her delight when her baby has finally burped
  • A couple's happiness as they help each other successfully bathe their baby
  • Siblings excited in preparing for the arrival of their baby brother or sister
  • And many other simple pleasures and moments

These are the moments we capture best. These are the moments we would love to share with you!

Second Session

4-6 Months Baby Story with Mom & Dad

Continue your baby's stories by highlighting her bond with mom and dad.

Continue telling your baby's story. Carry on capturing the most important milestones.

During this stage, your baby is starting to become more curious, more adventurous, and more challenging and exciting to be with! Here, they start grabbing things. They start to become more affectionate, and may begin to give you hugs. They also explore more games with you, such as peekaboo.

We capture a day in the life with your baby, most especially those moments when you are bonding with him or her.

No moment is too mundane. We see every second spent with your baby as extraordinary.

We will tell the story of how your baby loves playing with bubbles during bath time; how your baby loves eating boiled potatoes when you're feeding her; even how he or she baby blissfully naps after all activities for the day, because we also want you to have a quick break yourself!

These are just a few stories that we have captured, and which continue to touch our hearts to this day.

Each baby has his or her own newborn story to tell. We see each one as special and unique, and we are here to freeze them in time, for you to relish for a lifetime.

Third Session

10-12 Months Baby Story

She's getting bigger and has more stories to share! Include your family's heirloom for a special touch.

Your baby is getting bigger. That means you have tons more memories to share.

See the big difference from the time your baby was only a week old, to the time that he or she is already getting curious about everything. You will be amazed with all the wonderful changes that have taken place.

Now that your baby is about to turn a year old, there are many more important milestones for you to treasure; the firsts – that first step, that first word.

During this stage, your baby is already able to sit up. He or she is may be crawling already. At 8 months, they may already be getting creative playing with your furniture. Between 10 to 18 months, they may also start walking already!

By this time, your baby can also recognize his or her favorite things – that favorite blanky, favorite snack, even a favorite person. Grandma and grandpa are also very much welcome to join in.

Celebrate how active your baby is. Celebrate that childlike zest for discovering the many things life has to offer.

All these stories of your baby's milestones should not be forgotten and should not remain untold.

These memories you have made with your baby are meant for keeping. They are meant to be archived and meant to be cherished. You are meant to share these stories and share those little details about their childhood with them.

It is their Newborn Story, and we are here to help you tell that story.

3. Have a phone call with your Newborn Stories photographer to discuss stories you may want to highlight. Remember that this is a keepsake for generations to come and deserves the right planning. Our skilled photographers are very sensitive to your needs.

4. Digital copies of your photos will be sent online for your convenience.

5. Your high resolution digital files will be ready five (5) days after you have chosen and completed your order.

6. Enjoy and care for your keepsake.


Upon booking, we take note of your due date and keep in touch with you through text so you can let us know of new developments in the pregnancy. We suggest that you tell your husband or a contact person to inform us when the baby arrives. We'll await your confirmation for our session within the first 14 days of your new baby's life. We require a 50% down payment to block off a date for you.

We completely understand the hesitation why you do not want to be in the photos. We know how challenging it is to adjust and adapt to a life with a newborn baby (not to mention the rollercoaster emotions and hormones that come with it). We focus on the details and the story of your newborn baby during the first session, so we take partials, close ups and details of your baby but also believe that you and / or your husband are part of the wonderful story that we will capture. Rest assured that we will shoot in the most flattering way possible for moms. In the end, when you look back at these photographs, you will thank yourself for being in them.

Since Newborn Stories is a 3-part story session over one year, we recommend that other family members join in the 3rd part of the story. We will be able to tell the story of the relationship of the baby and other family members in a separate session.

Most new homes nowadays have enough available light. We only use natural light. We recommend to use white or light colored curtains and switch off artificial lights in order to achieve the kind of images you see on our gallery page.

Don't worry! Your home doesn't have to look perfect for us to capture timeless stories of your newborn. Our focus will be on your baby and the relationships around the family. Our advice is to clear away anything that you do not want to see in your photos.

We certainly do. Some babies need to stay a bit longer in the hospital, and we understand how that story is just as beautiful and authentic to capture. Permits just need to be secured.

Yes we do, and we feel very much honored each time we are asked to cover these kinds of important moments. We just need to plan and secure all necessary permits ahead of time, so that you don't have to worry about the photo session at all. Instead, we want you to just focus on giving birth to your baby, and we'll take care of the rest!

Yes! Newborn Stories stretches up until 18 months. What is important is that we help you capture your baby’s stories so you can share it with them as they grow older.